Custom solutions.


Outsourcing for information technologies.


Configuration, installation and support.

About us

We are a group of entrepreneurs who created a technology company dedicated to system development, implement and offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Our company vision

Be one of the leading suppliers of free software for medium and small businesses.

Our company mission

Provide and excellent computer service to companies to help them manage, make decisions and increase their efficiency.

What makes us different?

Our experience in the development of customized solutions at low costs, with high efficiency and excellent customer service, our main tool is the open source software.

Our Services


Our team is a specialist in the implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems that can help your Company to have better productivity and decision making.

System analysis, development and design

  • Custom solutions.
  • Development of new modules.
  • Custom Reports.
  • Training.
  • IT Outsourcing Services

    We offer you the best business service for Information Technology (IT) area, support and consulting.


    Configuration and installation of Windows, Linux and Unix servers as well as servers in the Cloud with high availability and fault tolerance.


  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Hardware and software: configuration, cleaning and diagnosis.
  • Windows and linux operating systems.
  • Security

  • Antivirus.
  • Web security.
  • Backups.
  • Firewall.

    Simple software to manage your budgets online. In addition, in the CRM follow up on possible clients, close opportunities and obtain precise forecasts.

    Everything you need in one software

  • Planning
  • Work Orders
  • Worksheets
  • Material Lists
  • Maintenance
  • Modern warehouse software.

    Organize your warehouse better and get information in real time.

    Easy project management.

    Obtain and analyze project performance, tasks and employee availability.

    Easy manage purchase orders.

    Improve your supply chain and inventories and make smart buying decisions taking advantage of the best prices.


    What is ERP for in my Company?

    To improve management capacity and collaboration between different employees, departments and equipment in the organization. In addition, it offers accurate information in real time, which allows you to control material orders based on expected sales or set expectations.

    Open Code Software Benefits.

    The open source allows you to make necessary modifications to the system to adapt it to your business at a more accessible cost.

    All-in-One Software.

    Integrates all the modules that your company requires to operate in a single software.

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